Natali Antonovich

... It is always difficult to write or talk something about yourself, because it is a kind of revelation. I think that it will be easier for my spectators to understand me following my works. Yet: I have always striven for individualism in life and art and I am always in quest of myself.

In my childhood I was always comfortable alone with myself, as God gave me a talent to make painting. I tried to comprehend the world through close attention to everything that surrounded me. This need for thinking, seeing and painting is continuing with me till now. I'm not devoid of curiosity to everything esoteric and overreal. My life path dictates to me own philosophies and rules, but they necessarily engage such important verities as mind, kindness and beauty.

My way has always been tied with fine art. I started with graphics and portraits, I was engaged in batik for a while and taught fine arts and art history...

At present time I'm more interested in oil painting and watercolor.

The main series of works I've been working on lately are "Who are you?", "Heart on the snow", "Their secret", "Eternity"... All these themes reflect in some way in each other and look for the eternal secret of love and universe.

I would attribute my work to such a style in art as mystical realism and fantastic realism. There are a lot of symbolic signs, hints and ideas that miraculously visit my brain.

On the other hand, they present a moment of romanticism and literary character. The spectator, as if visually experiences a novel, a play, a story or a poem.

My works are designed for curious people, people with a cosmic attitude and fanciers looking for a key to reading the superreal. And also for those for whom the uniqueness of human being, his soul and connexion with the Earth and Heaven is important...

Another big interest of mine is the photo and its extraordinary potentials.

... I like to wander the streets, to familiar and new places and shoot everything I see and like: a person, a landscape, an event or something unusual. I'm looking for harmony in everything that surrounds me and believe in the bright and the goodest.

The main genre in photography, for myself, I consider a psychological portrait. I usually take pictures of people in an unbiased situation. I am interested in the uniqueness, the value of a person's personality, the transfer of his internal worldview by his appearance. This is indicated in his appearance, especially in eyes. I would very much like that ever a person found my picture with his portrait, so that the portrait was liked, was correctly understood and was loved by him...

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